dsc_0071Burden in OUR hearts: For the good there are better things. But for the least there is only one hope, “The Lord”. God created opportunities for us as a family to learn and help to continue to share ideas everyday with many on how to accept the surroundings and work towards the hope that is abundant in the Lord. God graced us to stoop for the youth and girl child especially, so that they can step up in life. Over the years God allowed us to explore with the youth and girls to look more to within and the word of God for strength, to be rational and going back to roots with a vision to set the ladder of life on the right wall at the time as they set off. God made us compassionate and burdened our hearts to see the progress of the youth and girls in Bangladesh to be professionally developed and spiritually sound. We are working with YOUTH and GIRLS close to 2 decades. God blessed us to take the blessings to many who took the challenges and developed their lives spiritually and professionally.

cimg7737Vision; To raise more professional youth and girls in and for Bangladesh, who are spiritually strong and who will raise themselves and others for HIS glory to widen HIS kingdom and take the blessings of the gospel through their profession to the ones who are unknown to the love of the Lord.


Feb 3, 2017:    God is great. HE allowed me to speak in the English – Divine Service at Immanuel Baptist Church. The topic God in my heart is “Needs Vs Assurance”. Here I spoke on if our need is just mere physiological or has Spiritual dominion. The story I took from the Bible is the journey of Israelite from Egypt. The group grumbled continuously when God was with them……only 2 made it from that generation to the promised land of Milk & Honey. From here talked on the situation did not change much, we are slave in different forms but how many from the present generation will make it to the promise land. In the end inspired all to find out how our physiological needs can be guided by Spiritual dominion.  Thanks once again to he committee to give me opportunity to share the word of God. God be praised always.
February 24, 2017: Transformation of HR practice from service delivery to value creation is one of the most contemporary agenda fromRana 1 the Entrepreneurs, Policy Makers and HR professionals.  We the HR executives should cherish a bit vision to drive business with value added service in a view to satisfying the stakeholders. Today we are all working on HRVP means HR Value Proposition, this concept was developed by HR philosopher Dave Ulrich. Bangladesh Society for Human Resource Management for the first time had 1st BSHR Summit at Chittagong at Mohona Ball Room, Radisson Blue, Chittagong Bay View Hotel on Feb 24, 2017. The theme was “HR Value Proposition for HR Business”. Close to 800 businessmen, HR Professionals, Students and dignitaries graced this occasion. As one of the HR professionals I was called to be the Panel Member at the discussion, how do we practice this value proposition in our Business today and also inspire Rana BSHRMothers to do so in the midst of all challenges. Chittagong is our Business Hub in Bangladesh, we need to do more to make a mark in Bangladesh and make Chittagong a brighter place in the world. Continue to pray for each HR professionals in Chittagong and specially the future ones who are going to come join and explore in HR industries in Chittagong, the Students.  We must need to use this concept in our organizations to see changes in future.


April 21: MAD, was the topic of my talk to EYC.  MAD means if we need to bring transformation in the society weIMG20170421122105 need to be MAD means make a difference. Live a life with a difference. Youth of today are being influenced with many things of society but a disciplined life with good and practical education can bring change in life and also create a wave of light to others.  Continue to pray for the youth so that each one can be a light in this nation and bring transformation in the society and community. 
 April 28: Speaking at Victory Family Center, God challenged me to challenge this congregation and inspired them to bring change in the community from where ever they are.  Each one is filled with commitment but required the right kind of skills to bring transformation in their own life first and to others.  The sharing and learning was inspiring and everyone is filled with spirit to do something and bring an impact filled change in the community they serve. God bless each one for HIS grace and glory to bring a transformation in Bangladesh.  

May 5: God made another opportunity for me to share the word of God at Immanuel Baptist Church (IBC).  What I have learned recently that is what I have shared there.  The topic of my talk was “Be Fruitful or Be Uprooted”.  The big green Fig Tree was there in the Vineyard. Master could not have fruits for 3 years. On the request of the caretaker asked for one more year to dig and fertilize to see if the tree bear fruits.  Just like that our life is also like that, we may be the tree in a place, a beautiful alive person in the community but not bearing fruits which is acceptable to God. God wants us to bear fruit…and HE is waiting.  Let us recommit ourselves so that we can bear fruit in Bangladesh for HIS grace and glory.  It was great to see IBC investing on the Children, they are the change-makers agent of transformation in Bangladesh. God bless each of these children for HIS glory in Bangladesh.  

 June 30: Speaking to the youth at Tripura Sangshod: I was invited to speak to the youth of Tripura on how to develop themselves Rana at Tr. Asc.so that they can be a good citizen of Bangladesh and do something in life for HIS glory.  Around 34 young people came for the workshop.  I share with them how to be different and do things differently.  Each one of them with energy and enthusiasm participated in discussion through out the session on how to use and grow with limited resources and challenges within.  Each one of them promised to take up challenges no matter what.  Continue to pray for these young people and also the youth of Bangladesh to reach the target as per country strategy.  God bless them.    

July 15: Leadership Skill – CMTC: God gave me opportunity once again to speak to a group of young people who are eager to give leadership and is waiting to learn skills how to do it.  Around 36 young people from all around Bangladesh came for CMTC meeting organized by BSFB. It is a 10 days long program to teach them how to witness and also to rub shoulder in the market place.  I took CMTC 20173 sessions on Leadership Skills. Here we talked on what is Leadership, areas to give leadership, preparation to give leadership, and more over whom to give leadership. Everyone participated in discussion to identify areas to give leadership, how to prepare oneself with the required competency and commitment to give leadership to the vulnerable people including youth in the society. We also discussed in detail how one person can understand how to uplift someone from their present uncomfortable condition and lift them up for HIS grace and glory and for Bangladesh at large.  36 of them are charged up to explore Leadership in their life first  before they give leadership to others.  Please continue to pray for these 36 young hearts so that each one of them stay physically fit, emotionally strong, spiritually sound to go and make impact in the society.  God bless these young hearts as they work to bring change in their lives and in Bangladesh.

September 15 – 16: Building Leaders for Future, is very important. This country needs 2nd liner, successors, as in the Corporate NI NS 1sectors, Non Profit Sectors, also in the Spiritual sectors.  If someone is not transformed spiritually, he or she would not be guided by Spirit to contribute better in the required sectors. We need people with influence and competency to do what is required.  To have a person of that caliber to leverage tasks in the community or in society he or she needs to have a family to support.  Haggai Institute Bangladesh organized National Seminar 2017 at CBCB Center and God allowed me to share Communicating Gospel to Next Generation.  If we do not understand the good news or from what to free the next generation or most of all if we do not understand who are the next generation, we are spending time and all are creating a huge gap for future.  To build this nation, we need strong youth with commitment with right competency to lift this nation to higher ground and make a HI NS 2mark in the world.  Our youth are with immense potentiality ready to tap to explore. Each parents, teachers, leaders from all walks of life need to take time to build this generation to lift Bangladesh in future.  Continue to pray for those 34 Participants who participated in this session and took oath to revive each family in HIS spirit and influence each young men women and children to build this Nation.

September 29 – 30 SBTP: The air was filled with young spirit and noise of close to 200 young people for 4 long days.  44 of them were in my session where each one could identify and set their Vision and understand what God wants them to do with their talents to help Bangladesh.  Each one of them were filled with willingness and commitment to use their knowledge and how to SBTP 1 become competent to serve this nation.  They could find that having vision is ok but to fulfill it what each one need to do. We have shared that you have to have a Purpose in life, to reach to that purpose you need have the right Energy – resource, Affirmation from family, friends is required not only to support you but also to monitor if you are working towards it each and every day. If we do not have the right knowledge and required skills, our Vision will stay as a dream without fulfilling them and we will not be happy in the end.  Now to build a Sustainable Bangladesh, we need to see how our skills – knowledge – competency – commitment can be channelized productively. We will face hundreds of challenges, but how to stay strong without losing faith in reaching Vision was challenging. Each girl child in this country goes through various challenges and unwanted barriers, but how to over come those with the right spirit. Each boy child faces social pressure and unhealthy competition that create boundaries forSBTP 2 them to grow. In the end we talked about if each one of them like to be popular or they want to be unique in life.  Each one them said that they would like to be unique and bring changes in life which will create impact in the society to build Bangladesh.  Please continue to pray for those 44 young souls so that God fulfills their dreams visions and make them successful to have a better Bangladesh to live on.  

October 20, 2017 – Program organized by Radio JyotiIn the midst of Rain and water, signal 3 in the coastal areas, 22 young men 12and women got together for a Learning Program called “Commitment & Challenge” at Bishwo Shahitto Kendro. Ice Breaking session got everyone energized and ready for the program in cold weather. Speaking to the youth on staying committed to the Dreams and Goals of their lives was an inspiring one as each one of them agreed with all information that challenge them to be off tracked from dreams and careers to reach.  The appropriate songs, sharing of stories to reach out with new strength and optimism enlightened the evening. Many of the youth they agreed that they were not exposed to this kind of life development programs or 3sessions which will give them hope and courage to go extra mile in life.  Please remember and pray for these young souls so that each one of them be unique, do something great for their own life and also lift up Bangladesh to greater heights. 

November 3, 2017 – Session at Excite Youth Center: Stories in the Bible are there to guide us to think and connect with out present 2day living. Each story tell us different areas of life to ponder upon and contextualize that goes with our day to day life. I had picked up few stories, wrote down few questions to think differently about each stories, and wrote down few more questions which one can ponder upon to identify present days situation and how life is1 being shaped up and how could we impact our lives to bring change in the community being unique with responsibilities from each life as an individual than to explore life outside – where we could be useful touching lives and impacting others.  It was really great to see that each group explore with ideas and came up with new thoughts ideas, real life examples, shared them from the front which inspired others to go beyond there 3imaginations.  God bless those kids, as they come to spend time effectively to create impact in life positively. God bless the organizers who are continuously spending time with those youth to be different in the community and areas of influence.   



January 30: Workshop with DEV PRO: DevPro is an initiative by few Change makers in Bangladesh, who works among the youth.  They usually provide strategical help to the learners and also to the young entry level youth Devpro2on how to develop themselves in the Development Sectors-Bangladesh. Also invest time and energy on guiding them on how they should be going in their professional journey of learning and earning. They have called me to speak to this youth group on the HR Perspective. I spoke on why their CV gets rejected in the first place also touched on how to ensure and what to do to be selected for their jobs and reach to the ladder of carrier and make changes in the lives of others. 

February – 12: HRIS – Human Resource Information System- Trained 15 more HR people from reputed Organization (NGO + Corporate on HRIS and use of it.  It was a nice session. As Bangladesh is going to be Digital by 2021 or before, this is a need for all HR Practitioners, irrespective of the size of the organization.  This is no more luxury but a necessity for any organization in Bangladesh. If we avoid having this system in our organization, we may not get any business deal in near future.  I take this opportunity to thank God that I am being used in a small way to the change of Bangladesh.   

March – 11 & 12 - Haggai Institute Bangladesh, organized a National Seminar on March 8 – 12 at CBCB.  38 participants from various walks of life, attended this seminar to enhance their leadership skills in strengthening self and proclamation of faith in wider way.  God allowed me to share my learning and experience through a session “Communicating Gospel to Next Generation”.  We shared on why Next Generation is important and how in the era of technology communicating the gospel in a simple way.  It was an eye opening to many when we shared the basic attitude of Generation Next and how we as adults modify ourselves to have them learn from us.  We also shared that it is not the institution on whom we can solely depend on for the transformation of youth instead it is the family who will build the anchor of faith and grow from there.  We all disagreed on many matters agreeably but all came to one conclusion that Family is very important for the generation to learn and grow.  We need to look into our families first.  During the session many shared that, they have started family time of prayer.  God bless each of those 38 persons who came for the session and their families to live better to raise this nation Bangladesh for HIS glory. 

March 18:  Pre-Independence Day celebration at Excite Youth Center (EYC), the place was joyful with more than 70 young people with friends to celebrate the pre-independence day celebration in colorful dresses.  ThereEYC was songs, poems, dance and also sharing on “Freedom”. Youth really does not like to be limited but always willing to take challenges and explore in hundreds of ways.  God allowed me to share, if we need to have freedom, how we can have God in-front of us from all Financial issues to life’s interests, from building relationship to scheduling our time for everything and also the presence of God at times of our trials and troubles.  If we need to change, how we can learn to stop doing things those are not necessary for us and do what is required to give us freedom. Continue to pray for the young people of this nation so that each one of these youth can stand for justice and take Bangladesh to a higher heights in the world.  God be with each one of them and also with EYC to touch many souls for Bangladesh.  

March 19:  Got another opportunity to speak on Human Resource Information System and also Learning & Development areas on a session.  This is almost dream coming true to see many young HR professionals from various organizations are coming to learn and bring immense change in the HR field in Bangladesh.  I believe and trust these young ones will bring change in the corporate sector as well as in the non-profit sectors, these young ones will do great.  We will see change sooner than we are expecting.  May God grants HIS wisdom to bring change in the mind of the business people and development sectors leaders in Bangladesh.  Bangladesh is a country with much hope to make a mark in the world in hundreds of ways.  God bless Bangladesh.

June 23: It was a great opportunity to share learn and be with 34 young people who are willing to lead with new IMG20160623171107thoughts and ideas to win Bangladesh for HIS glory.  After 4 years God allowed me to be with BSFB Team and in this CMTC meeting.  I was excited and also thrilled again in spirit to step forIMG20160623190532 the first time in this new center – Living Water.  It is very quite place and ideal place to learn and contemplate on the word of God.  We spent more than 3 hours on Leadership and how we need to prepare ourselves to give leadership. Please do pray for this center and also for these 34 young men and women willing to serve God and committed to serve Bangladesh.  God bless you all.

July 21: The ways of managing Human Resource is changing with pace with Technological Development. IMG_20160721_094424 Capacity and competency of Human Resources is expected at a level which is making a chaotic exploration in the job market.  Demand is ever increasing. To  P_20160721_091903meet that demand requires men/women to become like super men/women.  Which is not impossible but having someone in that capacity in mass is challenging.  A session was arranged by American International University – Bangladesh (AIUB), where I was called to share on HR and its present scenario. I named my session “Ice-berg of HRM”, here we shared what is required to do Workforce Planning and the need of digitization of HRM through Human Resource Information System.  We explored on HR and how to manage today and in future to come.  The session was very participative and the sharing was great.  Thanks to AIUB for arranging this session for the future generation who are getting ready for HR jobs in Corporate & Development Industries.

August 12: God is a God who fulfills dreams of them who has faith in HIM.  Memorial Christian Hospital – 3Malumghat called me to speak to their Youth. God spoke to my heart and I took a session on Empowering Youth at Time of Temptation.  84 young people identified issues which are actually hindering them from growing in life and make a great impact in life.  They all2 agreed to do something which will allow them to make their life meaningful. They are being challenged to make changes in their life and their surrounding. They also promised to do something which will allow them to witness beyond Malumghat. Continue to pray for these young people who are really good and would like to be a better citizen of Bangladesh and make a great impact that will touch more lives for HIS glory.

September 9, God works in a mysterious way. We were Church Members of Emmanuel Baptist Church long ago.  Due to distance Late emmanuel-churchJim McKinley, my dad (Late Mr. Milan Mazumder) & mom, started Gethsemane Baptist Church in 1975 at Mirpur for believers residing at Mirpur.  I have never thought in my life that God will take me to the pulpit and allow me to preach at Emmanuel Church in English Service. What a God we serve, who makes things happen. 

October 7, Golgatha Baptist Church Youth Fellowship, celebrated their 25 years today.  It was really a grand program. From morning the place was filled with noises of young people and running around of elders to make the day a blessed one for the young hearts.  More than 100 young people were there to celebrate.  God gave me this beautiful opportunity to be part of this celebration with the youth with my family. My wife and kids enjoyed the music, and dances with them.  The theme of the program was “How can a young person stay on the path of purity?” Ps: 119:9. God gave me in my heart also, to speak to them, on making vision for the next 25 – 50 – 100 years, till Jesus comes,  what they need to do to glorify God and how they could witness in their community and be a blessings to Bangladesh.  We also shared, as they will witness in the community, how they could continue to grow as a member of the Church and be an example to the present and next generation.  Continue to pray for these young hearts.

October 9, I got an opportunity to share the love and grace of God at Bethel AG Church – in Bangla.  My dad used to take me ag-churchwhen there used to be good programs or some good preacher used to come from abroad.  Speaking from that pulpit, I have never dreamt of. God be praised for all opportunity that HE is giving me to witness for HIM. 

October 14: SBTP is an intensive program for the young people of BBCF.  Like every year, Prayer Garden was filled with young hearts to learn, share and also to equip themselves with the love of God and also with knowledge and wisdom of God.  My topic was “My Vision and God’s Will in my Career”.  In my session there were 50 participants.  We had 4 sessions where we discussed how to grow based on Luke 2:52, understand Proverbs 16 in developing self with career and how to work in Partnership with God based on Psalm 37:4. Continue to pray for this young hearts as they take challenges to grow in HIM each and everyday.  

October 15: BBCF inaugurated 2 new Churches on that day.  I was invited to represent BBCF in my father’s village Church.  Thanks to BBCF, I visited my father’s village after almost 35 years.  All my childhood memories were so alive, with all the changes around, still I could remember the village roads, the ponds, the trees, few are still there, and houses, where I played with my cousins when I was small. That village has immense opportunity to be strong in HIS love and also to witness to others.  Prayer is the only option to make that village strong in Jesus.  Continue to pray for each members of that village so that they all will come to that place of worship and that house will be a house of prayer. Other Church were in another district.  

October 21: NCFB is a Fellowship of a group of Evangelical Churches in Bangladesh. Every year they all come together to share r-3their faith, challenges and to inspire each other with how God is good to them, has done great things for others and how HE lifted each other in times of trouble and blessed them abundantly.  There are many sessions for Pastors, Evangelists, Elders, Women Fellowships, and also for the Youth.  God used me this year to share with them on “A Victorious Life Through Service and Witness “. 110 plus young people from all part of Bangladesh were present there.  The learning was joyful and each understood that we need to prepare ourselves first, thorough our life and service we can witness and have a victorious life in HIM.  In a participative way, we all came up with how each one could do to have and live a Victorious life.  God bless each young people who came there and also as they continue to grow each day and live for HIM.  

November 24 – 25:  BBCF organized Career Development Program for the Class VII students.  More around 150 students from all around Bangladesh came for this program.  There was sessions on Dream & Vision - how to set them, Decision – how to make it, class-8-nov-16Skill & Knowledge – how to develop it, Spiritual Discipline – how to be and stay connected with God and ask for HIS wisdom and Spiritual guidance, Physical & Emotional Transition – how to cope up and stay positive in life, Sacrifice – what and how to stay focused to reach the vision of life. Also to inspire the children, there was a movie named, “Taare Zameen Par” was screened, which talks about a kid who was differently intelligent, motivated every one. The learning was set very well from the beginning and end it successfully. The Morning Devotion – morning devotion was with a difference where 4 Ws (Welcome, Worship, Word and Work) touched everyone. One of the students shared, “when I came here, I was lost. Now I know God knows me and HE gave me talent to do something different for others. I am going back to do something with my self, I have a DREAM now”. Few came and asked me how to develop English and stay fit physically for HIS grace and glory, I have shared from my life experience.  Please do continue to pray for this young souls, so each one of them can become someone and do something great for Bangladesh.    

Please do pray for:

  • The Youth of this nation. 
  • Leaders of our nation for God’s wisdom and spirit. 
  • All religious leaders to lead us in the right direction. 
  • For Jarong Girls Hostel
    • We are praying for a piece of land in Bandarban for this girls hostel.
    • Since 2003 till now, we are praying every month to pay rent. 
    • May God bless us also to have a Tin Roof Hostel Building for the girls.
    • Need 2 Desk Top Computers with UPS for 46 girls. God blessed us with one Desktop, we need one more.

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