Iftar Party of Bangladesh Society for Human Resource Management at Emmanuell’s on July 26.  


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Mr. Milan Mazumder



I could not say to my father “Happy Fathers Day” this time and never again on Earth. 

But I have learnt that if one stays honest ,could sleep well in the midst of all chaos and complexities. He had touched many souls, trained more and most of all did a lot for the Government of Bangladesh through Ministry of Health, especially for the war trodden people. He wanted me to learn English to speak and be a gentleman in life. Which some how I have achieved in my life, which made him happy. He was quite exploring type, which made be explore my life and learn from my own mistakes. He looked a bit oriental which made me to marry a girl from Tripura. He believed in interdenominational love and faith, which made me see things and act beyond limitations. He was a very good reader, which made me to read a lot and was so happy when my book was printed and published. Dad was a leader, which made me both good and bad, as at times the expectations were high from me and I could not meet all. He gave his time to me when I was young, I remember so well. God gave me time to give time to my dad till June 13, before he left us all. He was a visionary which made me to act today to invest today thinking for the next 25/50/100 years or till HE comes in mind. He showed me that there is one who cares, so just do your part. He had flaws in hundreds of ways which made me to do more mistakes till I get the things right. He went ahead in many places which made me just to walk smoothly. He was a dreamer and not the only one. He shared his dream and investment in many hearts. He knew it that he could not do it alone. Same DNA is in me, because he got it from his dad and his dad got it from HIM. 

I can go on and on and on. Because he was my dad. He was like an umbrella to me but now I can feel that my umbrella became more wide as he is with the Lord now. Now what I dream of my kids to be, let me be a dad to invest dream in them. I wish my kids would be a dreamer too. 

I am happy and thankful that I had a dad, and he saw me becoming a dad too and doing the dreams of his life. Happy Fathers Day to all the Fathers and would be Fathers too. I know he is watching me from above.




Cyclone Mahasen approaches, Bangladeshi coastThe death news at Savar, the cyclone Mahasen, though did not hit properly at the coastal area, the various crisis are engulfing Bangladesh one by one. Now the angry cloud which could not do anything through Mahasen, now hitting us badly with rainfall.  Many streets in Dhaka is under water.  Many of my friends houses are flooded from the rain water, slowly sipped in in the night.  This happened yesterday and today morning.  Let us all pray for our nation so that God’s blessings will bless us such a way that we can bless others.

bangladesh-president-abdul-hamid“Abdul Hamid, 69 years old, was elected uncontested as the 20th President of Bangladesh,” Chief Election Commissioner Kazi Rakibuddin Ahmad said today.

Zillur RahmanPresident Zillur Rahman, 84, died Wednesday at a Singapore hospital after he was flown in earlier this month where he was being treated for kidney and respiratory problems. The government has announced three days of mourning for Rahman, and gave a state funeral.

Read it to imagine.

Read it to imagine.

Book on HRIS: Rana wrote a book on Human Resource Information System (HRIS) which has been published in December 2012.  First time a book is written in Bangladesh of this kind.  He has tried to explain the basic elements of Human Resource which is required to develop an information system.  Get a book and Read it to IMAGINE.

 Check this link:

I have tried to simplify the major terms of HRIS in a simple English and laymen's term to under stand what is the basic requirement to develop an HRIS system in your organization.

I have tried to simplify the major terms of HRIS in a simple English and laymen’s term to understand what is the basic requirement to develop an HRIS system in your organization.

Bomang Raja: I was very lucky to meet a man who was just not a king of the hill people but also a humble intellect of this time. Bomang Raja Aungshoi Pru Chowdhury was a very knowledgeable man and was the fifteenth king of Bomang circle. He was 98 when he passed away but very much alert in his mind. God bless the family in deciding the next king of the hill.


Sorry to say, the next Raja, who was Raja Pru’s wish, became king and died in very early age.  His death ceremony was complete in February 13.  God bless the family as they make a huge impact in the life of the tribal people at Bandarban.

Inspiration: Man who touched many has left the earth to be with God. A person who is in my wish list just passed away. I was inspired beyond limits with his books while I was in college and impacted so much that I have taken his learning with compassion in life which changed me and then I started influencing others and especially to the underprivileged ones in Bangladesh. Here many does not know his name or what God has done thorough him for the development of people. His latest inspirational story of 90/10 % touched me and inspired me so much. Yes, he is none other than Mr. Steven R Covey. He may be with God now but his words of wisdom through the words on pages has transformed many lives, and will continue to do in years to come and generation to be transformed for betterment of life and living. As I am using his sharing in my life, I have seen the youth who ever started using his ways, which is mostly based on Biblical methods touched and transformed many youth around Bangladesh. May God grants spiritual blessings for the family to overcome the loss and be humble to God for healing and new direction for life. God bless the Covey family. It was a dream in my life to meet him.
Another two persons in my life I wish to meet are Dr. John Maxwell and Rev. Max Lucado. If I could never meet them on earth but I believe that surely I will meet them in heaven.

Water from the early rain flooded the Plain : This year due to global warming we had different types of rain. Many parts of the country were effected due to this rain. Mostly the hilly areas of Bangladesh got effected first. More than 100 died in land slides. The rain stopped. The water started to move out of the hill. But another problem is that, the water from the rain is flooding the plain land now. More than millions are living water blocked. Food supply is limited, drinking water is scarce, kids are suffering, sick are not having any medical support. Many hearts will be compassionate, but help will be far. At least each one of us who are reading now this message, just pause for a moment and uphold Bangladesh with its people in prayer. At least this is possible where ever you are. God will provide and using always someone to do HIS work. Keep Bangladesh with the youth of this nation in your heart.

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