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Rana Dipankar Mazumder

Rana Dipankar Mazumder has educated in the field of Management and trained to be a professional facilitator.  Based on his experience in life he merges the spiritual aspects of life with the regular working arena leading towards a more wholesome life. He is committed to youth and especially the under privileged young people. He inspires encourages and induces them to see beyond the parameter of merely existence to a divine understanding of our roles especially in the pursuit of God and His blessings instead of the material.  He shares from his life the love of the Creator to help the youth to understand and find the purpose of being born in this earth. He shares with all to look at life from the inward spiritual realm rather than from outside material world. He wants people to go back to the basics of our faith in God.



Rana is the son of Milan and Lekha Mazumder, who are the Church planter of Gethsemane Baptist Church.  God used  Rev. Jim McKinley to inspire them to build this Church for HIS glory.


Mr. Milan Mazumder is the retired Govt. Officer of the Ministry of Health – Bangladesh, and he is also the founder and retired chairman of Haggai Institute Bangladesh.

Mrs. Lekha Mazumder has worked in many places and helped church choir and women ministry for a long period of time.  She was the first women secretary of Bangladesh Baptist Fellowship which is now BBCF.  She discontinued her job due to the sickness of Milan Mazumder.  Her last job was an assistant to Mr. Kevin Stout, the first Director of Compassion Bangladesh, previously known as “Shahanobhuti”.  She is still a prayer partner of Compassion Bangladesh.

Rana has an elder sister, Ruma and she has been married and blessed with two kids.

John Judhistir Mazumder, grandfather of Rana, was the first convert. He was working in the Police Department and then became a teacher.  He in 60s translated the preaching of Billy Graham in Bangla and used to preach in the north eastern part of Bangladesh and took the gospel to many in that area.

Ms. Dozz of Australia worked with his grandfather.  Ms. Dozz was delighted to learn and work with his grandson Rana in inspiring the youth through BSFB and other youth programs.


God graced Mr. Rana D Mazumder and Ms. Shanti Tripura Lara in holy matrimony. They are from two different cultures.  Mr. Rana is from Bengali culture and Ms. Lara is from Tripura culture.   This is quite rare that their wedding is being blessed by two families in Bangladesh. Though there are many break through in other tribal ethnic communities in Bangladesh, but from her community it is quite unusual. This became possible because of Jesus.  They have met at one IFES program in Nepal.

She runs a girls hostel (age 8 to 16) for the underprivileged and girls from low income family  in a subsidized cost.

Their hearts beat in the same compassion to do something for the youth and children of the nation and community.


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