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Mr. Rana is a dedicated person for the youth wherever he has gone in his life. Since college days he was very much part of the youth programs and conducted many sessions on youth development and careers. He spends a length of time with any youth who wants any kind of help from him. He facilitates works talks writes speaks to the youth for their development and how to face everyday and get strength and ways from God. He is sharing his life’s learning with the youth on how to get things done with the help of Jesus.

His vision with the youth is, to see the youth grow spiritually and financially, so that besides supporting themselves, they could become blessings to their families and other needy families in the community and specifically students to be sustainable. Once they become sustainable they could help church and evangelize through their lives.

God is using him mightily with his life touching inspiring and motivating many young people in Bangladesh to develop themselves and be a witness to others and share the learning to experience the love of Jesus in their lives.

We just had our Marriage Ceremony completed in January 10, now I am officially became the son-in-law of Tripura Tribe.

Latest Program:


January 2011

  • The faculty members of American International University – Bangladesh (AIUB) has attended a symposium on “Imagining another Future for Asia: Ideas & Pathways for Change” on 20 – 22 January, 2011. The symposium was chaired by Sheikh Hasina, the Hon’ble Prime Minister of People’s Republic of Bangladesh and also co-chaired by Ms. Cherie Blair, human rights lawyer. Ms. Akie Abe, the former first lady of Japan and Ms. Y.A. Bhg. Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah Mansor, the first lady of Malaysia addressed the keynotes in the symposium. The symposium was organized by the Asian University for Women (AUW) at Bangabandhu International Conference Centre in Dhaka.

I was blessed to attend a program like this in my life where so many dignitaries and learned heads were present from all parts of the world.

Please visit this site to see few selected faculties of AIUB in action.

  • January 29:  The NCCB organizes a program called “ADDA” which means “Fun with Friends” for the youth on a regular basis. NCCB selects a Topic for each ADDA.  This Saturday Jan 29, 11 the topic was Youth, Love and Marriage. This program is usually takes place to inspire motivate and specially to create an awareness among the youth on contemporary issues where many are confused or not having a good mentor or facilitator to shape up their distorted thoughts and ideas.  Even it was found during the discussion that many of the answers which are in Bible were not discussed from pulpits.  I was happy to be invited for the program as one of their elder friends to discuss on this issue.  Around 20 participants were there.  Few were from other faith and they were quite surprised to listen how we could discuss with some real life issues which many of them are confused with and left without any answers from their elders or even family members.  They appreciated this initiative and shared that many will join if opportunities were given.  Please pray for this program so that many could learn through open discussion about life’s practical learning and could know the joy of salvation.

April 2011

April 29, 2011, NCFB organized a Youth Conference for their youth at NCFB Training Center.  Around 60 participants from various NCFB affiliated Churches were present there.  With other youth facilitators God allowed me to share my life to inspire them.  I had talked about Leadership and how could they prepare and equip themselves individually first and then serve the community and church.  In the Global Competition we could make and create a huge impact in Bangladesh by keeping our principle and faith where we could have distinction in all our endeavors.  We can also develop ourselves professionally and increase our self-esteem which many of our youth are confused with.  Many were inspired and shared that what we have learn so far we need to be more clear & focused.  We need to go beyond ourselves if we need to be a leader and lead our life and be a witness in the community.

To my learning from this youth conference is that, we have very talented energetic potential youth in our Churches but they need to have guidance and mentor to take them to next level of their lives, where they could be spiritually sound and professionally secure in the market place.  They are our generation who will bring God’s blessings to Bangladesh.  Pray for these youth for HIS glory and kingdom.

To check all the programs of 2009 – 2010 please visit:

May 2011

We had a nice session with the community people of Antaha Para at Bandarban.   Though they are not progressed in institutional education but their local knowledge and understanding made them thinking in a higher level.  God just used me to ignite them with the thoughts for HIS grace and wisdom.  A small group of people are challenged to cultivate a piece of land and use the money for the development of the youth and children.  It is a great challenge for each one of them.  Who ever is reading this now, would like to request you to pause for a while, and just pray that what ever they are doing God will provide the strength and wisdom and spiritual guidance to have blessings to those families who has taken the challenge.  The risk factor is huge but they will work on this with faith and hope.

Please pray for me too as God is giving me more opportunities and taking me to places to inspire share or join to raise a generation for Bangladesh who will represent Bangladesh in much higher places.

June 2011

Canadian Students visits AIUB.  We are very happy that our AIUB students got this opportunity to meet and share ideas and thoughts.  “Out of the Box Thinking” is essential to bring change and to develop productive citizen especially for Bangladesh for the world now.

To see them in action please visit:   Canadian Youth in Action at AIUB

Canadian students news is on the National News Paper, Daily Star – Magazine (June 12, 2011 Issue) on Star Campus.

The link : Canadian Students news at Star Campus

August 2011

  • August 8 – 12, 2011, Haggai Alumni Association Bangladesh (HAAB) organized a 5 Days Training program for Community Leaders.  Where 29 participants participated and 11 subjects were discussed and shared by 11 national and internatonal faculties.
  • CMTC – BSFB, Aug 25 – Sept 5:

August 25 to September 5 CMTC of BSFB is happening at Brahman Bazar, Sylhat. 43 participants from all over Bangladesh is investing their time energy talents to search and explore Biblical based commitment to life with required leadership skills for life to lift Self, Family, Church, Community and at large Bangladesh. God allowed me to take 5 sessions on Leadership Skills from Aug 30 – Sept 1. It was an amazing experience for me, as I have observed that this group is filled with eagerness, willingness, talents, dynamism, love and youthfulness to take up challenges of life with an open mind and grow each day to reach to their dreams of their heart guided by the Holy Spirit. Please keep this group in your prayer as they will be meditating upon the word of God and take charge of their own life to lift Bangladesh for HIS grace and glory until September 5 and then all will return to their places.

  • August 28- Sharing life with Telegu Church at Jatrabari:

Pastor Prokash Rao of Telegu Church at Jatrabari, invited me in November 2003 to come and speak in his church. How faithful to the calling I could be that came to pass in 2011 on August 28. God be praised that though it is late but God allowed me to give a visit to this Church. I was wondering what to speak when I am there and continuously was praying to God for HIS suggestion. Amazingly HE told me not to preach but just to share my life to inspire the youth, the children, the adult and the parents . I spoke to them to continue in prayers with each and every situation that is there in front of the. 25 families are the members of that church. I have shared with them that to have individual prayer, group prayers, and get up early in the morning and walk in the whole community in prayers. They are so simple people and does the most important work in the Dhaka Municipal Corporation. Who ever is reading this small message, please keep these 25 families in your personal prayers and group prayers so that the holy spirit will grace them with the requirements and give them wisdom to raise the next generation for HIS grace and glory. They Church has requested me to give at least one visit in the coming years. God bless them.

  • The Attitude & Behavior of Youth as Christian Towards Church & Society In Bangladesh

On August 19, 2011, NCCB Youth Wing invited me to share some ideas on “The Attitude & Behavior of Youth as Christian Towards Church & Society In Bangladesh”. It has been observed that today’s youth are not interested in coming to Church but much inspired to develop their life and career on the worldly things. Their parents are also continuously pushing them to become more professional in life to get on with good job and positions. It has been also observed that to these kids nothing actually is happening. There is something needed to be done. Today’s Churches are blaming the youth for their attitude and behavior without actually knowing and understanding what is required to bring them in the Church and develop them for the time. Most of the time, the kids of today do not find anything interesting in the Church. The same old sermon, songs (mostly noise of instruments), tradition filled with myth & culture. The western influence is making us more to shift us from spiritual things to materialistic things. Church instead of encouraging them to be more dependable on God and HIS son Jesus, it is twisting the message for the benefits of the dependable on the Church. The youth meetings and gatherings are more self-proclamation than on how to proclaim the love of Jesus that most of the youth is craving for. In the session, there was around 60 participants spent time from morning 9:30 till evening 5:00.

In my sharing, I have shared that, what they are going through in life, it is not something new. It was there since ages. It is time for us if we need to develop Bangladesh, be the catalyst for Change how we should dream and how long we should have our vision mission and goals for Church and life too. In first 40 years what has happened they had a purpose and now we need to set our purpose focused on Jesus. Let’s work together to develop each and every youths life first to have peace, think ecumenically and practically start living to lead the next generation. Let us all be alive in Jesus and be living for HIS grace mercy and wisdom to lift Bangladesh.

  • Haggai Leadership Training

Haggai Alumni Association Bangladesh (HAAB) organized a Five Days Training program for community based leaders in Bangladesh from August 8 – 12, 2011 at Caritas Ancholik Office Center at Mirpur 12. 29 participants from around Bangladesh were inspired with new vision to take up Bangladesh to higher level. National Faculties along with International Faculties took time to share about their life style to inspire the leaders to see life beyond themselves and evangelize Bangladesh for HIS grace and glory. Each one if they are sincere and work with integrity surely they could be productive in developing Bangladesh. Participants were so inspired that they are all charged up and gave feed back on each of the subjects how each subjects widen their thinking and turn them around to start with thier life first then the family, invest in the community and country at large. They have also said that to have a better Bangladesh they will start small and grow up each day. Subjects were taught from Mandate, Leadership, Integrity, Role of Women in the Community and Church, Stewardship, Communication, Empowering Youth & Evangelism, Impacting and Empoweirng the Community and end it with Goal Setting. In the closing ceremony all Board Members along with thier wives were present, guests and many well wisher were there to inspire the participants while they were given Cirtificates. Please continue praying for these participants and the work what HAAB is doing in Bangladesh.

September 2011

SBTP of BBCF : September 26 till October 2, 2011 Bangladesh Baptist Church Fellowship BBCF arranged Student Bible Training Program SBTP at Rajendrapur Prayer Garden.  175 students from all over Bangladesh participated in this program and were trained in many related spiritual and secular topics of life.  My topic was on Career Development and God’s wishes in life.  In my class, I was blessed with 80 students.  I shared with them that to lead life one must be purpose driven.  To find that purpose one needs to find out what he or she is born with and how one could understand the talents God entrusted in us while forming us in our mother’s womb.  We talked about professional training, vocational training, and the needs of the Church, the need of the nation and what each one sitting there dreams of.  We talked about if ones dream is set then what all skill one requires to develop oneself professionally and how one could develop in the required skills.  We also shared that how true Education could be availed and how it should be reflected in our life in the market place.  We also talked about job and career.  How one could develop oneself to reach to his or her dream job.  How we should be focused and have faith in our dreams and ask for strength to God to widen HIS will on this earth.

Each of the young souls was inspired from financially sustained family to the underprivileged ones. When we talked about future of Bangladesh after 25, 50, 100 years, till Jesus comes, we came up with some beautiful thoughts and ideas for Bangladesh.  Few are as follows: they would like to see male prime minister in Bangladesh, they would like to see that we are playing in final in Cricket, and football at least qualify to play in the world cup, educated people, law abiding citizen, qualified in Global Standard, respecting each other, and clean food to be physically fit and many more.

We closed the session with prayer and lifting each soul in HIS hands so that God will raise more people with integrity in life and make them a better Bangladeshi and they will help church for the generation to come.   Continue to pray for that 80 souls and others who came for the SBTP, so that many could spend time focused and have purpose driven life for Bangladesh.

December 2011

  1. December 3rd, 2011 – Haggai Alumni Association – Bangladesh – Pre-Christmas Program, we are very happy that God has blessed us in this program.  There were 53 people, guests, Haggai Alumni and their spouse, participated in this program.  Fr. Jerry graced us with breaking of the Word of God and what we should be doing, in Bangladesh perspective.  There was enough noise, all the participants, guests, spouse and alumni members were given children toys, which make noise, when we cut the cake everyone blew all the toys at once to celebrate the birth the Jesus.  It was amazing to see all the senior people with children toys, played and they played it loud. President of HAAB, thanks the small team who worked to make this program a success and greeted everyone. He also shared what we have done in 2011 and what could we do in the 2012.  The youngest participant Dr. Edward (Pallab) shared his experiences, what he went through while attending this training program.  He shared also that how this training developed his personal life and family lives.  One participant shared that, after coming to this program he understood that he was dead all these while and need to do something more for his life and for the development of the leaders life and society.  We need to say also that Mr. Edaward Baroi (Apu) with his songs took us to deeper level to understand HIS love for us and touched each and everyone.  The celebration was followed by dinner.  In the end GS of HAAB, thanks everyone for the time that each one has invested to come to attend this program.  In the end he challenged everyone to pray for the program at least once in a month for 5 minutes and do one thing in a year for the program.  Please continue praying for this program and identify some strong leader to sharpen their saws.  May God grants HIS grace for us and for this nation.
  2. December 9th, 2011 – BBCF – Successfully Successful In Life – A Career Development Program for Class 8 Students.   There were 87 participants participated in this program.  Students traveled from all over Bangladesh and came to Dhaka to attened this program.  Mrs. Anuvuti spoke on what subjects they shold be choosing for thier future. Mrs. Folia of Church of Bangladesh, Mr. Bimal Halder, former educationist spoke to inspire these young students.  I spoke on Career perspective and what all paths and ways they should be thinking, doing and following, if they would like to reach to their future proffession.  God helped all of us to inspire these young hearts to see life in a better ways and to be focused to have Successful life successfully.  We need more people to be an example to the young ones rather than to be exceptional.  Pray for these young people so that they could reach to their hearts wishes in life.


January 10

God be praised for the Youth Program organized by NCCB at YMCA at Savar from 28 – 30 Jan 10. The title of the program was “The Meaning to LIFE”.   I molded  the title and customized as “Back to Basic”. My ideas was that each one can understand the love of God through Jesus in their lives and find out the piurpose driven life to be content and successfully satisfied as they live each day. There were college and graduate level students contemplated on their lives to find out how they could develop themselves and create impact in their lives first, then to family, community and country at large.  They also agreed that without blaming others they must take on the job based on their God gifted talents to make marks in the society.  Through works guided by the spirit, each one can find out the meaning to their lives.  God be praised that HE allowed me to facilitate one of the sessions for HIS glory.

March 10

BYFC has just finished their “Super Conference – 2010″ at Prayer Garden from March 24 – 27, 2010.  The theme was appropriate for the youth to have a “Purpose Driven Life”.  Each one needs to be clear at the very beginning of their life on how to be successfully successful in life.  Thanks for all you prayers for all the facilitators and wisdom from God as I was there to learn and share with the youth.  Close to 550 participants were there with the volunteers and I had two groups to talk to for 2 days. The young guys were really eager to know and take charge of their life.  They were happy to learn that their dream and hope could be dedicated to Jesus and be successful in life.  They could be anywhere in life and give leadership first to their life, then to family community and then to the country at large.  For this they have to be Educated Skillful should have Ability to get things done and Behavior is must to take the love of Jesus to all.  We also discussed that many characters in the Bible they were scared first in life to do HIS will but when they were in HIM they could do what God wanted them to do.  So we agreed that we need to be available and be ready to be used by HIM for HIS purpose.  Thanks also to keep the management TEAM in your prayers.

May 10

# The session on “Christianity and Professionalism” at BSFB center was really nice and God touched many to see life beyond self and do something for the society to take it to the next level to bring the love of Jesus in the Community – where ever who ever they are.

# God be praised as HE used me mightily to touch and inspire IVCF students from Canada on the issue of Culture.  God have mercy on them as they will be here till the end of this month May to visit institutions organizations places to learn and share in Bangladesh.


The part of the team members (12) visited AIUB students and had a beautiful sessions.  They had a lovely discussion which went from life style fashion educations system industrial development politics and new leadership.  The Canadian Team was really hopeful for Bangladesh as many are looking and hoping for a big change in Bangladesh and many stressed on Women Empowerment.  Our AIUB students were happy to learn about their culture and found that they do have many issues which needs leadership too.  God bless the team and we need more like this to happen so that the youth could share and learn each others strength and points to develop and pray for each other.

June 10

God has allowed me to be honored by an humanitarian organization called “Manusher Jonno”.  Wish for God’s grace and blessings for them as HE is allowing them to touch many hearts and raising more youth with knowledge and wisdom.

August 10

At YWCA  Pabna I have got an opportunity to train 24 Women and 3 men.  I challenged them on “Challenging self in Leading Change in Family, Workplace and Communities”.  With the help of the participants the session was livelier.  We could all learn to see things which are in front of us but somehow miss it because we are too busy with the problem then the solutions.  We also challenged ourselves that Pabna YWCA will make a greater impact on the city and the women, ladies, teenagers and young girls for making Pabna city a better place to live and grow.

September 10

With 48 members the CMTC of BSFB is going on at Sylhat – Baramchal.  I was lucky to go there and with all the pressure,  God lead all of us to take our vision to focus something beyond just spiritual transformation.  Today’s world, if we would like to do something greater we have to think in 360 degree.  Not only just one angle.  We are missing the link with the world as we are trying to make progress and create an impact.  We have to focus on contemporary needs and demands of the youth.  Besides spiritually sound we have to be physically fit to work for more than 14 hours, emotionally strong enough to take part in intellectual discussion and yes professional enough to take oneself to the highest level.  If we need to achieve this and give leadership,  then it will begin from self.  That’s what we learned and shared this CMTC this year.  God bless all those 48 boys and girls to be some one in their lives and create an impact on where ever they are to make the place a better place to live in.

Programs: (October to December 2010)

  • Thanks to you all for prayers for me.  The session for the students of Accounting Department on “Leadership” at AIUB on December 9, 2010 went well.    Please visit the link: 

  • No Competitive Education … No Better Life…. Being a citizen of D – 20 country, to build grow compete sustain and grow one needs to be developed in 360°. Text Book learning and developing contextually is important for building growing and to be locally sustainable. But being culturally sound to compete sustain grow beyond local and staying ahead professionally, there is more to life than merely these things. Empowering Personnel with Manush together has taken this challenge and successfully enhancing few qualities to inspire initiate ignite the power within to reach and achieve the inner goals of many for the last whole decade. And doing it continuously. Check more what is happening in Bangladesh @

A good leadership always influences others to develop Character, Quality and Productivity.  If we are willing and wish to give leadership we need to be a better follower to give LEADERSHIP.  Let’s be the person of influence to inspire initiate and ignite as we live our every moment.

  • Once you are an HR person you are always an HR person.  Our inner motto is first to develop ourselves and then facilitate others to develop themselves.  Once you are on the process of development our another priority is to share with younger generation so that they can learn and be in the process  as earliest.  The process may be in the field of development TASK and Skill or let it be Behavior.  This is like a Leadership Chain work.  At American International University – Bangladesh  (AIUB), from the HR department we formed “AIUB Society for HR” which will allow to develop this link of HR Managers, graduates of AIUB  (BBA & MBA),   who will work learn and work and lean back and stoop to share the development process to lift the future HR Managers from  AIUB.  We pray that this will help AIUB to create resourceful leaders who will bring development as a self and change in Bangladesh and over the world.

Please visit the link:

  • The Program on Leadership at Northern College, Dhaka was great.  Empowering Personnel and Manush together organized this program for the Students of Northern College.  The Faculties were present and they also said that we never heard anything like this before.  The Students and Faculties both would like to have more program like this to develop the thinking capacity and to have dreams in the hearts of the youth to develop themselves which will change Bangladesh. 

You can see few photos on the link bellow:!/photo.php?pid=5500433&op=1&view=all&subj=720125886&id=555208385¬if_t=photo_tag&fbid=444676348385

  • We praise God for the Bijoy Bangladesh Team,they have arrived in Dhaka from Antah Para, Bandarban

after inspiring the Children the Youth and the Elders. 

Please do chekc the link to see them in action.

  •  Radio Program @ Radio Jyoti

Please listen to  program on “Friendship 2” at Program on Demand

Go to this site and click on play, it is in Bangla but my interview is in Bangla and English.

Listen to Family Relationships – 2 also @ Radio Jyoti

Partners towards progress:

Inspire Motivate Prepare the youth with integral mission towards changing self to develop Bangladesh is part of my dream.

One Interior Designer named Bulbul (BLUE) has been inspired with what I do and willing to join with me as a partner.  Please pray that we can work together to inspire more youth for Bangladesh.

Praise God for:

  • The session on “Developing Self To Change Bangladesh” were a success for Accounting Department Students of American International University Bangladesh.  Students were inspired and made oath to accept the challenge to have one vision for Bangladesh and missions as per their talents.  Each one of them agreed that we should implement in our life the education what we are acquiring. And to give Leadership in Bangladesh we will have vision for next 50 – 100 – 150 years.  God bless each one of them and nurture the spirit within for HIS glory in Bangladesh.
  • The program on Leadership to the students of Northern College was great and there is more options to do more programs in future. Thanks everyone for your support and prayers.
  • CDI has organized a five days training course on Modern Public Relations for the Public Relations Officers of BNSB and Coordinators of Partner NGOs of Caritas in September 2010. God allowed me to facilitate a session on Quality /Skill and Responsibilities of a Public Relations Officer in the above course .There were 17 representative of Partner Organizations experienced to widen their knowledge in new areas in Modern PR Management.  They are also inspired to implement the learning in their workplace to raise and develop the management system of their respective organization in serving better their stakeholders. It has come out from the training that it will take time for us to learn this sort of technique but sure to explore it.  The director of the program Mr. Pintu was happy and ensure to have more program like this to develop the managers and coordinators all around Bangladesh.

January 09

Jan 22 – 25, 09 Prayer Garden, BBCYF organized a Youth Festival with a theme “Plugged In”, where 410 young people gathered from all over Bangladesh.  With many other facilitators and trainers, Mr. Rana D Mazumder inspired the youth on how to build Career and Develop it.  He also shared that not only education can develop one in the dream career but outside study and knowledge on related technological skills is very much required.  As we grow up professionally we need to stay connected to Jesus also for strength and spiritual power.  He also shared with the youth that we need to rise up and learn to be professional and help our churches to grow and make impact in the society.  He prays with them for HIS strength and mercy.

February 09

God be praised for HIS wisdom and grace as HE allowed me to do the training program with EDP in a new method and style.  There were 35 participants who got new insight on how to do the work in a very management way in today”s context. This is very essential.  God allowed me to use the management technique in Ministerial program. I shared the learning of Nehemiah 2:17 “Re-building the wall“  and explained it a very easy way for all to understand and prepare their own way of doing the re-building the work to widen HIS kingdom for HIS glory.

March 09

“Student Help Organization” (SHO), is a self sustainable youth organization run by the local students for the low income students of the community.  SHO started its journey in 2005 with only 10 Student members. Today there are 50 members.  Their objective is to support financially to good students from low income family.  Please pray for these students who are saving their tiffin money and supporting other students while they are students too.  They have hired a small one room where they tutor other students who needs extra help in studies.  God bless their initiative and the compassion they have for their fellow friends who are from low income family.  Their hope is that one day SHO will grow big and can stand next to many talented students from low income family.

In the program I was the chief guest, from raising the National Flag till the prize distribution, it was indeed a very nice experience.  The kids and the youth of that community are talented and showed various talent programs. In my speech I told them that if we need to grow and make mark in the global market competition we need to  challenge ourselves through learning English, and if we need to see a Digital Bangladesh we need to learn Computer.  No substitute for reading.  We need to learn from religion to philosophy everything to be a complete man and take the love of God to people.

In the end I gave a talk to inspire the youth in a much smaller group.  As per my suggestion the organizer of SHO selected 20 young leaders from senior and junior levels. I took a special session and talked to inspire them to continue this initiatives to enlighten many others.   In my session I spoke on integral mission and made them to have vision what they would like to see SHO after 10 years and how they should be working towards their dream.

They were really nice young people.  It is time now for the educated ones to go to the villages and to towns to inspire many young people to make the future of Bangladesh a better place to live in.  If we need to develop Bangladesh we need to go to them and inspire them.

One of the students told that, we wish many like you could come and inspire us.  We do not know many things.  We pray to Allah that many could be like you who will take the pain and come to inspire us in this village, far away from Dhaka.

God bless these young people.  They are so eager at heart to learn and grow.  I urge many others who are with the same heart and compassion to visit your home town and villages to inspire your youth of your area.

April 09

I had a nice visit to Bandarba and Antapara.  I met the elders, youth and Women group of Antapara Baptist Church. God used me to talk to them to know thier needs and also gave me insight to share with them on how they could do something to help themselves.  Update will be soon with pictures.

I spent time at the Girls Hostel and spoke with the girls to know their needs.  Education is the prime need.

May 09

1. I had a session with the Canadian IVCF students here in Bangladesh.  We discussed about cultural differences, impact of faith on culture, the differences of west and  east, how east views the west, the impact of media, how to develop the youth towards developing and changing Bangladesh.

I have learned a lot from them as they shared about their views towards us.

God bless this group of young people and the team leaders/staff in learning the love of God on the other side of the world.  God’s grace and wisdom for them.

2. NCC & Methodist Church jointly organized a Youth Program on May 29, 09.  God allowed me to go and share with the young people.   The youth were divided based on their Educational background and was asked to have a brain storming session to find out the challenges they are facing everyday.  It was really nice to find out that each teach though they never discussed with other teams but the issues were  very similar.  Then they could see that if they need to over come these problems as they grow in their lives ,  how keeping the faith strong they could work to develop their lives.

The issues were:

  • Professional Education
  • Lack of Practical Leadership – in the Church and out side the Church
  • No Role Mode

In the end I have asked them what kind of Bangladesh they would like to see and how they could start

working towards it. Please pray for this youth for HIS wisdom and guidance to glorify HIS name.

June 09

July 09

Last Friday July 31, 09 God allowed me to go and visit this group where God is working in HIS own way.  They are all new believers.  What amazed me the most is that, they do things what used to be done during the time of Paul.  They get together in a certain day of a month to discuss the passages from the “Kitab”  that is Bible.  One more thing which caught my eyes is that, the decide upon one book, all they take time to read and sit on a certain day when all the members finished reading the book, then they look into the light and understanding of the book and share among themselves.

I was wondering how many we the traditional Christians are doing this today.  If we do not sit and learn and share among others we will not grow in HIM.

I have told them that I will give one day from my schedule in each 2 months to empower the youth for HIS glory.

English is one huge draw back for us.  I will be helping them in learning English and help them to develop themselves in Interview and other essential skills.

Please do pray for me as I will need God’s grace and wisdom to talk to this group of believers.

God be praised and I am happy that though it was a long awaiting program but HE allowed me to visit this place and meet them for HIS glory.

August 09

  • Motion Cine Club:

This is a great news that “Motion Cine Club” under the “Film and Media Foundation “  has screened “Slum Dog Millionaire” on August 11 & 12, 2009  at UCEP School for the underprivileged students.

Yesterdays shows: one of the remarks of female student:  we never had an experience like this before and we are so happy that we could watch a movie in this way. Thanks to the organizer.

A total of 1000 students got an opportunity to watch this movie in two days.

  • NCFB Youth Seminar at Faridpur

God unexpectedly allowed me to go to Faridpur to inspire motivate and talk about career to more than 100 young hearts through NCFB.  The theme of the program was:  My Nation, My Community. It was an amazing experience for me as I had never been to Faridpur before but heard the name of that place since my school days from Late Pr. Joseph Elias’s son, as he was my class mate.

God allowed me to inspire them to understand  on how being a Christian one could contribute to the community.  Once a person is developed, naturally s/he could contribute to the society.  And this small contribution could bring a huge change in the Nation one day.

It is quite sad that we do not have much programs where these young hearts of out side Dhaka could listen and make decision to change and develop their lives.  I hope more organization could take initiative to have programs where they could inspire to develop the next and immediate generations for changing Bangladesh and HIS glory.

The place is beautiful and one more surprising thing for me was that I got an opportunity to visit our Late Folk Poet Kobi Joshimuddin’s house and his grave yard.  I remember seeing him along with my sister when he was in the hospital in his last days.  He even kept his hand on my sister’s head and told very nicely to visit his home one day.  God allowed me to go to that place after a long time.

God be praised for everything.  Please do remember the young hearts who wants to contribute to the society being filled with HIS spirit.

September 09

  • CMTC of BSFB which began in August 31 has been finished on September 11 at Sylhet, Brahman Bazar.  39 young members joined this 10 days Training Camp.  Besides spiritual trainings they were being trained on Communication by the Chairman of BSFB.  And God allowed me to share Career and Goal Setting.  God used me to motivate inspire and make them think that if we are not changed and developed we can not change others and work towards the development.

Each 39 students agreed that besides spiritual trainings if they are not trained with secular skills and knowledge they wont be able to reach to the market place.  They need to have better professional Education which will take them to reach more souls.  Each one has promised that they will study as well as be strong spiritually so that God can use them at the right time for HIS glory.

Please pray for this 39 so that God can use them in HIS own time.

  •  The Annual Camp of BSFB has just finished at Rajshahi on September 29. Here 280 registered and with locals there were a total of 300 participants who attended this Camp.  Speakers were Mr. Mathew Varghese, Mr. Francis Roy, Dr. Asit, Dr. Venus and God used me for HIS grace.  Aunty Ruth was there to inspire the female participants.  Besides them the Staff of BSFB along with the local Rajshahi team they have worked day and night towards the success of this camp.

There was a huge surprise awaiting for me which I was totally ignorent.  The Graduate Committee of BSFB selected me for my contrubution towards BSFB for last 9 years as the Best Graduate of 2009.  God be praised for this.  I am just willing but God is allowing me to do what HE wants to do in this nation.

Every one returned to their homes and we praise God that many could renew their committment in God and many gave thier hearts for HIS work.  Please pray for those who gave thier hearts to God for the first time.  God is in control and we need to support them to grow in each step of thier lives.

Plesae do remember Rev. Peter D Mazumder, the GS of BSFB, that God continues to give strength and grace to him and kindness and marcy to his family as he is giving his undevided attendtion to the growth of the students of BSFB.

Please do pray for many hearts who are working and supporting behind the scene to touch many hearts through BSFB program in Bangladesh.

October 09

  •  EDP had thier staff training program on October 3, 2009.  Around 35 participants of different age attended this seminar.  It was an honor for me as God is using me to train this group for last 3 years.  The first time I was there as Bachelor, 2nd time I was there with my wife and this time God blessed me to be with my wife and daughter Gloria.  God be praised for all.  Please do pray for these souls as they are taking the love of God to people for HIS glory.
  • NCCB Organazied a whole day sessions on Climate Change and my responsibility. Around 50 young people attended this seminar. Following are the thooughts which came out during my sessions:
    • The youth group will reduce drinking tea – coffee and other necessaries at this age.
    • Before they cut down trees they have to plant 2 atleast 10 years back.
    • Teach Family Planning.
    • Reduce use of motor vehicle, at least once in a month.
    • Learn to use the Plastic and avoid wasting.
    • Practice Climate Change and share with others.
    • Reduce the use of body spray, or any kind of perfumes.

November 09

  • The opportunity HE gave to Lara Gloria and I, to visit the Friends of Bangladesh Girls Hostel.  In this girls hostel Lara used to stay while she was studying in Dhaka.  God allowed me to inspire and motivate the girls to see beyond their life and build thier life based on Luke 2:52
  • Jane who is incharge of the hostel is doing a great job and God is guiding her with the right kind of spirit to guide the girls for HIS glory.  We did not know that her uncle is married to Billy Graham’s daughter. The world is so small.  I was remembering my grandpa who used to translate Billy Graham’s preaching in Bangla and preach in greater Mymensingh and Sylhet area.
  • I got an opportunity to meet Mr. Martien Timmer AA International Director of 3 x M.  We had discussed many things about Bangladesh and God’s glory and how it could be taken to next level.  May God bless Mr. Timmer and gives the right kind of wisdom and opportunity to have HIS will done for Bangladesh.

 December 09

  • I am really honored to attend the Education and Pre-Christmas Program arranged by the Tripura Student Association, which took place on December 11, 2009 at Donbosco School,  Bandarban.  I was on the stage with the dignitaries of Chittagong Hill Tracts.  The whole program was about education and how the Tripura people could raise their education standard and grow hand in hand with the development around them.  Everyone agreed that if they do not become educated there will be no one to be blamed and automatically they will be out of the life’s competition of survival and tribal existence will be questionable.  Especially the girls should be educated as they are the anchor of family and development.  Minister Koi Shela and others were there on the stage.  I was represented as the son-in-law of Tripura tribe.
  • We are happy that as a family we could give a visit to Antapara. Gloria, Shanti and I enjoyed the freshness of the hills & mountains.  The crystal clear sky and the clean air rejuvenated our hearts and souls.
  • Praise God for two of my friends who helped us for the girls hostel. Please praise God for Babu bhai and Subho da for their generosity
  • The opportunity HE gave to Lara Gloria and I, to visit the Friends of Bangladesh Girls Hostel.  In this girls hostel Lara used to stay while she was studying in Dhaka.  God allowed me to inspire and motivate the girls to see beyond their life and build their lives based on Luke 2:52
  • Jane who is in-charge of the hostel, God is guiding her with the right kind of spirit to guide the girls for HIS glory.  We did not know that her uncle is married to Billy Graham’s daughter.
  • A nice discussion that we had with Martien Timmer AA of 3 x M.  May God has HIS will done for Bangladesh.

Let God continue to do HIS work in HIS own way.

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