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Community Development:

South East

Ms. Lara is a girl from an ethnic background, Tripura Community with a population of 150 thousand.  She runs a 20 bed hostel for the girl from low income family, in a very subsidized cost.  This hostel is for the ones who can not effort to pay much but look for education in the city of Bandarban.  It is sad to say the truth that most can not meet the minimum of the hostel cost besides the school fees; they are falling out of school.  The wish is to make it free for the girl so that they could continue their education.

Rana is learning much of this community.  This ethnic community has a rich tradition and heritage, much is being lost.  Saving heritage is of great concern too. Worshiping nature is still exists. Many parts of this community are still far away from the blessings of science and education. He is working to take solar electricity to his in-laws house first and then to share gradually with the community, with the guidance and blessings of God.

Mr. Mazumder’s vision is to work on vocational training besides regular education program for the youth of this community to help them to be sustainable first and inspire others in the community and church for HIS glory.

Lara & Rana through an installment program provided solar electricity to their home at Antapara which is 12 km away from Bandarban town. This solar electricity has improved their life style.  Kids can study after dark and much easier to do household work after sun goes down. They both are praying to take this solar electricity to as many houses as possible in the community.  There are 80 houses.

Please continue to pray for this community as they are very eager to learn the love of Jesus, grow enrich in spirituality and education.

Photograph at the Photo gallery – Community Program  – under construction

There is a group which helped us with some cash.  We are working on to start a bigger hostel from January 2010.   Please continue to pray for the girls and us.


North West:

Please pray as we are working on some land issue, if we could get that piece of land we will start a small Health Prorgram for the Tribal Community People. This is need in that area.  There are two Churches we can work with them as partners.


Mazumder family is quite inspired by the work of their maternal grand parents.  Grand pa Mr. Promod Sarker a well read knowledgeable man moved with his family to the part of town of Dinajpur where Orao and Mundari tribals lives.  He became a High School teacher to educate the underprivileged ones and retried as the Headmaster of Government High School.   His wife Ms. Latika Sarker on the other hand besides mother of nine, was trained to be a midwife by the missionary medical team of Jaypurhat Christian Hospital.  She spent her time in teaching and training the tribal people the basic hygiene factors and how to stay clean and healthy.

With this inspiration since 2002 each year during Christmas time the whole family shares their love with the community and share the gospel with them.  Mazumder family is praying to work with a local partner to have more sustainable activities.  Here the kids could have education and families could have some earning facilities with a non-profit loan programs.

Photograph at the Photo gallery – Community Program – under construction

God graced Mr. Rana D Mazumder and Ms. Shanti Tripura Lara in holy matrimony. They are from two different cultures.  Mr. Rana is from Bengali culture and Ms. Lara is from Tripura culture.   This is quite rare that their wedding is being blessed by two families in Bangladesh. Though there are many break through in other tribal ethnic communities in Bangladesh, but from her community it is quite unusual. This became possible because of Jesus.  They have met at one IFES program in Nepal.

She runs a girls hostel (age 8 to 16) for the underprivileged in a subsidized cost.

Their hearts beat in the same compassion to do something for the youth and children of the nation and community.


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