Jarung Hostel for Tribal Girls

Jarung Community Girls Hostel for Education

 We NEED the GIRLS to be in SCHOOL.

  • To increase competent girls in the village 
  • To increase gender parity to increase the maturity on gender understanding 

Jarung Hostel for Tribal Girls is a family initiative.  God gave this passion and burden in Shanit’s  (Lara) heart to inspire the young girls to study and stand on their feet to support their own family and be a witness to the community.  Continue to pray for her and her small initiative for HIS grace and glory.

Shanti Tripura with kids and Rana

Shanti Tripura with kids and Rana

 God allowed us to help girls over the years, and we are in HIS mercy every year and praying for HIS love for these girls.  Please continue to pray for the girls and for us also so that we can be stewards for HIS glory.

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Number of Girls





































Girls from different tribes are in this hostel

There are 22  girls from different tribes in Jarung hostel

We as a family spent the whole day with our daughters.

We as a family spent the whole day with our daughters.

In faith we build these benches

In faith we build these benches

Benches with space inside to keep books

 learning how to stitch

learning how to stitch



Mrs. Shanti Tripura (Lara), wife of Mr. Rana D Mazumder, is the Chairman of this Project.  She had to struggle and go very far for a basic education and to be graduate she stayed in a hostel in Dhaka.  She had experienced the struggle and hardship just to have basic education in her life.  This struggle inspired her to start a small hostel in Bandarban, for the Tribal Girls who could not effort and go till Dhaka to have education.  Since 2003 she with her brother started a small hostel with few girls today in 2014, we are planning to accommodate 20 girls.  Please continue to pray for this hostel and girls those are coming there for light of life.  

Urgent need:  As electricity is scarce in that area and this is a girls hostel, we always tried to have portable Charger Lights.  Every year we are buying 3/4 and sad to say that, they do not last long.  We are praying for a Solar Panel with 4/5 lights, which will cost us approximately USD $ 600/- (Six Hundred USD Dollar). This will last longer. I have bought one for my in-laws house, besides changing the water of the Battery and lights maximum one in 2/3 years, they are serving us still good.  We bought that in 2008.  God is always faithful to us.  We are saying amen, and we know in HIS time we will get a panel which will help the girls.

We give thanks to God, at last God blessed us with a better place to shift with good facilities.  All the girls are happy and they have enough place now to move around the room too.  Photos will be uploaded later.  Continue to pray so that God allows us to bring blessings to those tribal girls for HIS glory.  Now we can accommodate 20 girls. In 2014 we will include 8 more girls with 12 girls now.  Please pray for their education, health and wisdom.   

Pictures of new rented place:

CIMG7002 (FILEminimizer)

Much safer and better place.

CIMG7000 (FILEminimizer)

To save cost we use wood to cook than gas which is expensive.

CIMG7006 (FILEminimizer)

Now we have much bigger room to study and space for each one of us to sit together.

CIMG7051 (FILEminimizer)

Now we can eat together also.







Shanti (Lara) and her brother Mr. Borthol, together has started this small project on their own  in 2003 to educate tribal girls and help them to learn to earn a living in the hard life of hills. Besides the learning of life, they have tried to give them the good news and train them to love life and see the God given beauty, which has changed many lives over the years.   This gradually grew up and when Lara got married to Rana in 2008, he has joined in and started helping them in ways what he could.  With many trials and tribulation they are walking with the hostel in faith to invest in some lives for HIS glory. Every year we are behind in many things but God is helping us so that we can be faithful to HIM.

10Jarong Community Girls Hostel for Education : By the grace of God we have continued with the hostel and by January first week of 2013, 13 school girls came to stay in the hostel. We got some tithe last year to keep it moving. We pray that God will provide us the need for the whole year. Any one would like to help the girls in the hostel, please send email to mistychor@gmail.com for further help and prayers. If we could have just USD 3,000/- or 4000/- it will be ok for one year to sustain, even in this recent price hike. To elevate the life of these underprivileged young kids education is a must and a weapon to fight to survive. Without education they could not have any strength to mix with the mainstream to sustain and survive. The tribal girls are far behind from the technologies of modern times. Simple computer is a dream to many.

http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150629180590887.383362.720125886&type=1&l=958ddd1a96 – Photos of 2012

12Last May two girls from our small hostel, Susmita Tripura & Hasterung Tripura, got opportunity to take part in the Junior Women National Hockey Tournament in Dhaka. One more girl name Preeti Tripura from our hostel took part in the interschool Junior Women Football Tournament at Bandarban and she gave a goal too. Each small things make us happy and allow us to praise God and thank HIM. Please continue to pray for these girls.
We have received a computer and new Sewing machine for the hostel girls. Check the photos and the comments in the link.

My wife and I, we are so happy and give thanks to God that we could registered this Jarong Hostel in 2011 after a very long struggle. This will give us an opportunity to apply for cultural education help from the government of Bangladesh, Tribal Section. And also if some one would like to help, we can always be open to them. May God allow us more to help more young tribal girls to have education in that rural areas from different communities. We give thanks to God for the groups, individuals who are providing support which has given us strength to take next steps trusting in God. In 2010, with the help of DICC, Bangladesh, we have moved from Bambo (Chatai) House, open bathing space & one tiny toilet to Cemented house, with better toilet & bathing facilities for these teenage girls. The following links will show you some photographs.

http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=278483&id=720125886&l=1d0a81ee66 – Photos of 2011

Each time God speaks to some one’s heart, something good happens to the hostel and in the life of these young girls. We were looking for little bigger place as we would like to increase the number of girls from 12 to 15, as many parents are asking us to increase space for more girls. Many parents, those are limited with funds to pay and educate their child in better places are willing to share the burden with us in little manner. This year in 2014, we moved to a little bigger place, which is better than last years place with only two rooms house. We give thanks to God, as HE allowed us to have better place for the girls. Rent is sky rocketing in the hill-tract areas. We are keeping all in HIS hand.

This year we got money to make 4 beds for the girls, as most of the beds are eaten by termites.7

This year we got money to make 4 beds for the girls, as most of the beds are eaten by termites.

And we are so happy that God had sent an Angel Couple to help us with rent for this year. The rent is increasing every year, and we are praying if someone helps us to solve this problem permanently.

New Laptop for the hostel girls:  Mr. and Mrs. Sunny Philip donated a Laptop for the girls.  Their intelligent gift for the hostel is really appreciated.  In Bangladesh electricity problem is existing every where.  A laptop is better than a PC.  We are so happy to both of them for their thoughts and generosity.  May God bless them more in their life and en-devour.

God had sent us an angel who solved the support for the food in 2013. As the food cost is also increasing, we are praying that God will help us to send another angel or angels this year to solve this concern too. The food price for 21 students is around USD $ 1500/- for one year.  Basic food with nutrition will give them good health and allow them to think better.  God is great to us, HE works in HIS own pace and speed, and wants us to be faithful to HIS promise.  

Only USD $ 140/- could bring food to this 22 girls a month.  A little compassionate loving thinking could reduce the burden on us.  

Praying for Solar Lights Set and Food Support.

Continue to pray for the hostel and give thanks to God as we have shifted to a new place in 2013. The present place has more rooms and space to walk around. 

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