October 2012

SBTP BBCF – Last 23 to 28 October, SBTP program took place at Rajendrapur, Prayer Garden.  Around 240 young students from all over Bangladesh participated in this program.  They were all from First Year College till 4th year Graduation Program.  God allowed me to train the first year students and to my surprise there were 118 students in my class.  I was given the topic “Career and The Purpose of God”.  I had taken four sessions and it was really good experience for me to share learning with them.  They are so talented young people; need a good mentor and guidance to be someone for God.  Each one of them has a huge dream and each wanted to see and very different and changed Bangladesh.  They are all charged up to do something greater than what they are and wanted to see something which they never dreamt before.  Please continue to pray for this young people so that God will work in their hearts and each one will turn to be an instrument in HIS hand and asset for Bangladesh.  May God continue to bless with higher wisdom for the whole management team and the organizer.

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