Thankful to God for the skill and knowledge what HE had given me. Last 19 years I am training Youth, Children, Women in Development areas, such as Business, Empowering Youth and on Spiritual Growth.  I have been to 54 districts in Bangladesh training young people.  Success stories are to praise God that they worked to bring change in them.

I am looking for Partners who will use my skills and also I can learn from them to inspire the youth children women in this nation to see brighter lights in their lives.  They are the futures of this nation to make a better mark in the world.

If any organization would like to train their staff, youth, children, women in Leadership or Empowerment, please get in touch with me. 

God trained me to train others to increase productivity in employees and to increase the value of the organization. Cost effectiveness is just like stewardship in life, let us learn how to practice it.

Thanks God for all HIS work.

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