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Bomang Raza, I met him in January 2008.


When I first visited my in-laws place, I was asked to preach in the Church.


Sitting front, in yellow shirt is my father-in-law. A faithful servant of God. I am thankful to God to allow me to get married to a family who are so simple but a strong believer.


Faithful followers


left in blue Thabin that is the dress that they wear in Tripura Tribe, is my mother-in-law. A lady of faith, who fasts and prays many days in a year without any ones knowledge.


After Rev. Buckley, I was the second person and first Bengali, who got a dancing reception in the Antaha para. The name of the village is after the name of my wife Lara’s grand father, whose name was Antaha.


the kids are kids every where, they are so fond of me and never left my side during my first visit and always they are there when ever I go with my family.


few girls students, whom by the grace of God we are helping to get education.



the batch of 2012 and 2013 in our small hostel at Bandarban

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