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This section is for the ones who like to share their life’s struggle on the way to grow up in lives and learn their learning with others. In this struggle, shattered dreams, hopeless situations, utter rejection, and frustration, fallen short of everything, how they came back to Jesus, and turned around, became focused and started to be an agent for God in widening HIS kingdom.

Please do send your life’s learning to the following e-address. This will be posted on the web. (Confidentiality will be maintained and the write-up should be within 1000 words)
From : Ibban Fahim Islam, Dear sir, I am your student of wage and salary class. Ibban Fahim Islam. i was thinking of sending u this mail from long time but i waited for the grades to release, so that you dont misinterpret this mail. Sir I just want to inform you that, this was my last semester and now I am working on a Online Radio Station. I did very few of your classes cause I had office to catch, but sir i want to confess that I am highly motivated by your lectures. Sir i think i understood what u tried to tell us. And I can promise you sir that i will try my best to do exactly like you. I work in a small organization, so i used to think that its just a bad job but, after i listen to you, I feel like I can change this organization. And i can make it big, by using different techniques. Now I am the only one of HRM section of this company. And i am setting the rules and also maintaining employees performance. 10 rj;s work under me. And I am really enjoying this job. Sir I want to build my careen in music. I still have not told u that I am a professional musician. But after your class i really get interested about HRM. So, I just want to give you thanks. Sir, I am really grateful to you. I have learned a lot of things from you which i could not understand by the other courses. I never went for grades I just always tried to learn some thing. And sir i got those from you. I would always like to get your advice if u get time.

Pray for me sir. And if i could help you any time by any thing i will be glad to do that sir. And sir i also want to join your force to improve the condition of HRM in Bangladesh. i will surely work for that. And one more thing i just want to mention, you are one of the best teacher i ever had in my life. I think i have written enough and a long mail, but i just want to express these things.

Ibban Fahim Islam
Wage & Salary (SEC “A”)

From: Ashneel Chowdhury: Hello Sir, How are you? Remember me? Just thought of asking about your well-being. Sir, it’s only because of you I continued my Management major & you have been among one of the best faculties I came across in AIUB. I will always miss your class & not to forget your comments for arriving late in most of your classes. You have always been more like a friend while guiding us throughout the last 2 semesters. Let us know if you further take any of the Management major courses. You & your class will always be in my good memories when I leave AIUB.
Mohammad Habibur: Since, I am a villager boy. It is really taught to cope up with the city life and a university life where all the well off and modern students studying. But I wanted to get associated with a renowned private university. So I thought that it would be fun to get associated with this fantastic university. But I never thought that it would turn out to be such a great experience for me. On my first major course class, I was really exited, when I entered our well furnished class room and noticed other curious girl and boys like me. After a while a tall person came to our room and we came to know that he is our administrative behavior course instructor Rana Dipankar Mazumder. We were asked him to call Rana and he felt no problem, which is not normal in Bangladesh culture. Rana sir entered at 9. AM and kept all 45 student warmed up till the end. We had 24 classes overall duration 2 hour each. Matter is those 24 class changed me and my thinking process. He did not only delivered valuable lecture but also internal stamina of a person. His words lead a sophomore takes decision on career path. Actually, there are no so many words to express my humbleness to Rana sir. He is and always will be a nation maker. A best teacher I have ever got in touch.
Donald : No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it. Cor 10:13 NIV

In my life I faced many difficulties and challenges, but in all of those situations God has helped me amazingly. I believe I am a successful person in my position today. However success is nothing granted but man need to achieve it. In all my success and in all decision making God has blessed me abundantly.

My family had faced many financial challenges during my young age. These challenges were a stumbling block on the way of my development but I took all those as my own challenges. At some point I had to suffer a lot of indecision.

I found a group of Bible students at a point when I was completely suffering from indecision. It was workshop BSFB lead by Rana D Mazumder which helped me to come out of my indecision. We were provided with tokens to write in it “Where do you want to see yourself after 10 years from today”. That statement of Rana Da is still very clear in my mind and still inspires me.

Today I am standing in the goal what I wrote on my token. It didn’t take me 10 years to reach my goal, and I believe that in 7 years time from now I will be in a better position in my life.

After that workshop of BSFB I took a strong decision in my life. I decided to join the Armed Force of my country. I didn’t have to look back to fulfill my goal, but it was never so easy to reach where I am today. I had a strong faith on God and I believed God will help me in all the future steps too. However, looking back three years from now I can see that I had to be very patient to reach my destiny. I am still very strong in my faith today and I can see God’s blessing in my life every single day.

With the blessing of God today I am leading a successful life. My family and my society feels proud for me, but none of these are my own glory. I praise God for my life today, He is the only one who deserves all the Glory and honour and it will be always for Him too. As the Bible verse says above I also believe whatever trouble comes on the way of my life with God’s help I will be able to overcome everything.

This is one of your well wisher here, lettering from his computer to an awe-inspiring personality. He is no one but his “Introduction To Behavioral Science” course instructor Mr. Rana Dipanker Mazumder, who has always give a decent and cool speech regarding to his course resources.

So it was making this young student raring to go to write few expressions to his instructor and finally he can’t resist his exhilaration, when he saw that there is no more OB class left.

Hi sir: It was amazing to find you in AIUB as our course instructor. Dear sir trust me all of your speech was so much practical that 75% of them matched 2 my life (Team, conflict, Group, Trust lectures.) Thanks to my almighty Allah that at last he opens my closed door by sending you as an angel.

Sir, before this semester my goal was to achieve good grades. But now I believe that practical experience is much better than good grades. Sir, for your kind information I got my lowest grade in your course. Trust me sir, I am not dissatisfied about this, because I got something special than this grade which is your goshamajha. Truly saying, Surely you deserve appreciation… at least I believe that… That’s all…best regards and wishes of course… (I hope you will help me in future also as an angel/guardian……)

hello sir, thnx to u, for giving us nice classes. I m certainly sure dat we all students have enjoyed so much,not only enjoyed also we really got some good things 4m u. especially i notice dat u inspired us not only a little bit. and mainly i thank my god,dat i got a best guidance like u. sir, if u don’t mind, can i ask u one thing,would i contact with u after this semester?would u associate me sir whenever i need? Sir if there is anything wrong then excuse me. thank you. have a good day. Jc.

I am Lawrence Sanot Singh, working in a Telecom Company named Grameenphone as deputy Manager. First I met Mr. Rana D. Mazumder (Rana da) in 2002. It was a great opportunity for me to step forward for the dynamic movement of youth development program. Though from the student life I was directly involved with youth movement, Rana da inspired me more to be spreaded out of the cocoon focusing spiritual & career development plan besides general academic education. Actually, it is not the general education rather it is the extra curricular activities like what we are doing is the key to improve teamwork, leadership, working with people dimension, career plan & so on. I think self development begets community development & developed community begets self dependent society & country likewise. He encouraged me a lot to explore the corporate world beyond the communal boundary. Rana da helped me assess my strengths and weaknesses, as well as help me develop skills for success and a long-range career plan. He made me thinking of multiple perspectives in decisions making from the best of all the options, creating an action plan, and following through with that plan. Regards, Lawrence

I am Silvia Oly Sinha (Julie), I am now working with a Development Program . I met with Mr. Rana D. Mazumder since 2001 in a conference organized by Bible Students Fellowship of Bangladesh (BSFB). He always encouraged me so that I can develop myself in spiritually, educationally and in leadership sectors. He mentors me always to become an effective leader. He also encouraged me to do a better job in a better place. I am really grateful to him.

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