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What would you like to be?????? A Leader or A Professional!!!!!!!!!!!! In our nation and in our community we have lots of training and continuous training programs on Leadership happening. The reason we are falling behind everyday and could not create an impact or creating a very limited impact is due to not having professionals in places. We have lots of managers and yes hard to say, we have many peons ruling from top trying to create a leadership impact. It is time, to stand up, especially the youth, be professional in everything you do. By doing things you will give leadership to your life, family, community, society, and country at large. By doing this you will serve the Lord of your life. My prayers to all who will take courage to do it. God bless each souls with conviction for change. You alone can start it.

From my reading of Dr. Tim Elmore on Leadership: Leaders need to be a reader and feeder. We need to read and feed ourselves first before we lead and feed others. Leadership is possible only through reading and feeding. If any one reading this site and would like to lead, then go and start reading and feed yourself.

I have asked many, what would you like to be: A Successful Person or a Person who is Faithful? Many have said, we would like to be successful. This is the world we live in now. Even the youth of our Church and the Community says the same thing. Many are distracted from the word of the pulpit of today’s Church. Could we pray that God will raise at least one person who will use the pulpit and create a wave where we will turn to be faithful and becoming successful will be the consequences of our lives!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pray for the youth of Bangladesh…..a land where God has much to harvest.

I am inspired with the words in a sermon: Saving Faith and Serving Faith. Many are there, who are with Saving Faith but not in Serving Faith. But those are in Serving Faith…….they are first with Saving Faith. I am proud that God allowed me to be with the Team at CLB.

What is new in a New Year! Is it just writing or readjusting some resolutions! Is it looking over your shoulders just to find out what you have left behind or apprehensive what the new days, another 365 days, will bring to your life! Is it a time for doing retrospective of your own life! We can continue asking or requiring many things in the transition time of one year ending and another beginning. What ever the situation and what ever the time my friends, who ever reads this, I would like to share a small lines from a great movie which I had watched a long time ago. Just ponder upon this lines and see what you could do for the next 365 days.

“Get busy living or get busy dying.”

The world after the fall was never a better place. God gave us opportunity to come back to HIM to restore and proclaim what was good. One of the best gift that HE has given us is THE CHOICE to chose to live. May be many of us are falling short with the time we are passing through and the worldly pressure. But this 2012 let our hearts be at HIS feet to have HIS permission not to fall short of HIS grace. Let us learn and grow how to live in HIS courtyard of grace mercy and wisdom.

Let us learn in 2012 to be an example than to be an exceptional.

Happy New Year to all, let us be faithful in our living.
Gloria, Lara & Rana Mazumder

Learning 2010

Those of us, who are living under the grace of God, would like to praise God for a year of learning sharing and growing in HIS wisdom and blessings. As we, as a family, come to the end of another year of joy peace arguments stress laughter tears happiness moments of pause just to ponder on God’s ways which is not known to us, taking all in prayer to God and bless HIM for allowing us a year to our lives.

To us, my wife Shanti (Lara) and I, seeing Gloria (Shoreyo) learning to walk making noise learning to talk dance with beats and jumping with joy and times of disobedience and various emotional feelings gave us a huge understanding, specially to me, of me towards my God. I see me as a child of God and wonder HIS behavior when I do the same.

God allowed me to speak to many this year to inspire and widen understanding and how to see lives in the midst of dungeon and cumbersome situations. Mixture of cultural shock and reverse shock and getting prepared for coming shocks, instead of seeing beyond, many of us are getting entangled with the invisible thread of tradition which parents and relatives and neighbor would not try to understand. But as we talk each problem and learning to LEAD, gave us wider understanding to give Leadership to Problems instead of letting the Problem giving Leadership to us.

Prayers and hopes and wish are there for all of you and to us too, to get ready and prepare us better to have productive life in the coming year which is just round the corner.

Don’t miss the corner or do not just sit there and argue with yourself, what is the use of going round the corner to another year ? Who knows, “a new LIFE” is waiting for you to add in your this life around the corner to be more productive and useful for serving another human being whose condition might be worse than yours.

Give New Year a new chance. See what you could do in 2011, Remember our family in your prayer so that God can use us in Bangladesh for HIS grace and glory.

Few moments with Dr. Robert W Fuller

Dignity, youth, globalization, sustainability, creativity, leadership of the next generation and a multitude who are living bellow the poverty level with so many thoughts I had gone to meet Dr. Robert W Fuller. He was on his trip to Bangladesh where one of his books “All Rise” has been translated in Bangla and got a place on the shelf of “Ekushey Boi Mela” (Book Fair).

In our discussion I have asked him, “What is the one thing we need to do to raise a nation with higher competency and make a mark in the global perspective?”

Be a person with dignity was his first comment. Create an impact with your life. He shared his personal experience with me on what he had done with a group of black students during his 30s. He told that he is going to send the book “Somebodies and Nobodies” to me, where he wrote about his learning. He also shared that, don’t try to teach anything to the kids, just be an example to the youth and they will find their way. “Rankism” which we do with out knowing it, actually this limits, reduces or breaks the heart of a eager to learn, know and growing young lads. He also shared that as you teach them about dignity, let it reflect in their lives and they should share and treat each other with the same dignified attitude among themselves. Which at times is hard. He told that if your heart feels to do something, do it, start it. Start small and let it grow year after years. He told me that you are the one who is concern about them so you be their leader. And let them see you how you spend your life and time. Involve them in your activities and they will learn.

When I told them that we have a huge community of young people are struggling to sustain , how could they grow with this thought?

He told that work slowly and it will pick up gradually. You may not see anything in your first years but latter you will see it. I am very much hopeful with Bangladesh and how is growing. He shared about his life, creating net work, and how he could manage to hand his book to the hands of the historical President of US Barak Obama. It is really amazing to see and listen to some one who is sitting next to me and whose heart beats in a tune of humanity with dignity. He shared how he was inspired to start the program “The Hunger Project”. He made me to ponder upon his consistency approach on how he could manage to talk to the ex president Jimmy Carter about world hunger. I was stunned to listen to him and thanking God to have this opportunity in my life. He was tired as it was end of the day and he needed to pack. I was there to have his limited 10 minutes but he ended up giving me more than 20 minutes and tea also.

Those of us are concern and have compassion for the youth in raising a new generation of youth, dignified youth, let us all work together at each level we are in. Let each one of us today be a leader or a role model for them. Let us not forget the underprivileged ones. Let us build a net work where we can mold them together to work and develop as a nation. Locally these young people can work today and globally they can make mark tomorrow, side by side.

He cherishes the teacher from his college who helped him to behold the world through the eyes of the word. Since then he has been touched by many writers from the secular world as well as authors who are inspired by God which has widened his learning and made him positive in his outlook to life. But one thing that never left him is the Bible which has more of life’s learning stories than any other book of the world. Now he is much more specific in his reading which helps him in his spiritual life, in his professional day to day activities and yes which helps him to see more on “how’s” for the youth. He urges the youth to read as much possible besides their academic studies. holds the name of the books that he has been collecting using and finding ideas and thoughts to share with the youth, participants in his training programs.  A good book is rare in Bangladesh and expensive too. If some one feels compassion and sends me books (old ones also will do) will be glad and thankful.

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