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September 17 – 20, 2013 I got an opportunity to participate in the HAY Job Evaluation Certification Training program at Phuket.  I have really learned something new in my life.  I have learned how to evaluate job now and grade them.  I need more practice to become good in this field.  I will add photos here later, the photos are in my FB.

Mr. Rana is also very much encouraged and motivated by John Maxwell with his commitment to bring the best in people and influence them through inspiring to be effective and create an impact in their lives and working areas.

“Empowering Personnel” is an ongoing process of training especially for the youth, entry and mid level managers to understand, prepare for the job precisely working for or dreaming of. It is also a program where the youth could identify the career, strength and areas to develop to groom and prepare at any stage to face the demand of the cut-throat competition.

Meaning of the logo: to facilitate some one, accepting the fact of being in the dungeon, work to develop the right ladder, tilt it on the desired wall of dreams at the beginning of life.

Mr. Rana is continuously helping the youth and empowering them in their professional and personal life thorough various training program with like minded organizations, programs, working fields and various youth programs. He facilitates the youth to understand & accept the present condition and build the perspective on future where they could invest wisely to build their life, add values in the specific areas of their interests, share with their families, communities and help country at large.

Any office, youth group, University or College, institutes could get in touch with Mr. Rana to have this type of programs to widen the perspective of the life of the youth.

Each program is customized and targeted to meet the need and requirement.

Check at what we are doing in Bangladesh among the youth and others.

Haggai Institute:
Mr. Milan Mazumder father of Mr. Rana D Mazumder is the founder and retired Chairman of Haggai Institute Bangladesh. God used him in and throughout Bangladesh to touch and inspire many souls to sharpen their saws for HIS glory. God is still using him through his writing in many Bengali Magazines. Voluntarily Mr. Rana who is the former General Secretary is helping Haggai Institute Bangladesh and facilitating many training programs for HIS glory.

Mr. Rana is a trained facilitator and facilitated in many organizations like, World Vision, Plan International, CARE, sub programs of UN.

He is continuously training on spiritual aspect of the development programs in many religious based organization such as NCFB, NCCB, BBCS, BBCF, Bangladesh Nazarene Mission, Church of God, Lutheran Mission, BYFC, CCDB, SIM, Presbyterian Church, Bible Student Fellowship of Bangladesh, RCCYB and many friendly meetings.

He is associate with Renaissance Consultant Ltd. and working with Ms. Parveen Huda in developing the HR in Bangladesh. He has trained in BDJOBS (the largest job site in Bangladesh) in various aspects of HR and in how to develop oneself to be fit for the MNC. Presently consulting at Antioch to develop their HR Policies.

In 2001 Mr. Rana facilitated sessions at Haggai Institute Training Program in Nepal.
In 2008 he facilitated in a youth development program on Spirituality & Youth Leadership in Nepal, organized by IFES.

Distance Learning Training on Desh TV on May 12, 09
God really helped me to do a live talk show on Desh TV on Customer Care Service. on May 12, 2009 I was scared first but everything went well.

God helped me to have a very nice LIVE Program today at DeshTv on Thursday 11, 2009 at 12:15 pm till 01:00 pm. Thanks for all your prayers. You can enjoy the repeat program tomorrow at 06:00 in the morning.

ANTIOCH BANGLADESH Training Program on June 6, 2009.
I give thanks to God that with physical illness God allowed me to train the staff of Antioch Bangladesh on June 06, 09.

Staffs were exposed to lacking that continues to have in everyday duty. It was an wider experience to some as they never had any training like this in their lives.

CEO shared that it was great that how easily we could found our lacking and it is time for us to practice to do better in our activities. He also took the line from a part of the training as one of the most effective tools for work: “USE ALL RESOURCES”. Many of us we feel scared or fear to ask but we need to learn how to ask and use for the betterment of the business and life.

CEO thanked Mr. Mazumder for his time.

Haggai Institute training with TLMB
September 13 – 17, a 5 day long HI Trainig program with TLMB has been finished. There were 28 participants from TLMB, World Concern, HEED, Christian Cooperative Housing Society and few otehrs individuals. All the faculty and participants were well in health and learnt more about how they will take the love of God to the people through work in thier own sphear. They have made commitment also to reach the unreached. Thank you all for your prayers.

End of the program all 28 participants were handed over with cirtificates. The International VP was present there during the ceremony. He thanked the Board Members for the initiatives and happy with the HI work how it has been revived and encouraged all to join in to share the love of God to others.

Modern Public Relation Management Training at Caritas

Septermber 26 – 30, 2010, CDI has organized a five days training course on Modern Public Relations for the Public Relations Officers of BNSB and Coordinators of Partner NGOs of Caritas. God allowed me to facilitate a session on Quality /Skill and Responsibilities of a Public Relations Officer in the above course .There were 17 representative of Partner Organizations experienced to widen their knowledge in new areas in Modern PR Management. They are also inspired to implement the learning in their workplace to raise and develop the management system of their respective organization in serving better their stakeholders. It has come out from the training that it will take time for us to learn this sort of technique but sure to explore it. The director of the program Mr. Pintu was happy and ensure to have more program like this to develop the managers and coordinators all around Bangladesh.

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