Year 2013

Dec 25, 2013:  Our whole family we visited a small Church, where my friend Rev. Prince Soren, is the pastor.  We are so happy that we could be there. We worshiped in one spirit and spent time with new believers who were also so happy to have us with them.  My friend Prince spoke from his heart and made us all come to HIS blessings once more.  Thanks God for taking us there where we could worship in one spirit.  Photos you can see in my Facebook:

Dec 2013:I could not spend my another Christmas with my in-laws. I have even shifted job from where I used to get Christmas Holidays only one day and  that is on Dec 25.  This Christmas 2013, for the first time in my life I got a very long holiday, that is from Dec 20, 2013 till Jan 4, 2014.  but due to the unavoidable situation, this year also could not be at my in-laws house for Christmas with my family.  But God is good always.

ON October 17 & 18, 2013, I got an opportunity to share speak and learn from the youth at the SBTP program organized by BBCF.  This is my third year I am being invited to speak about Career and God’s Will to the young energetic future leaders of our community.  Around 60 young lively dreamers were present in my class.  Total there were 274 youth from all over Bangladesh had come to attend this program.  I had fun talking to them and in my session I had asked them to think beyond the limitations of life and work on ways how to stand up and work with HIS will in each ones life.  I have asked them, as they will be in search of God’s purpose and find out what they are made of and what kind of talent God already gave while they were in their mothers’ womb.  I have asked them that they need to witness at the market place.  For this they got to be smart and use the technology that is available and find out ways how to prepare for the cut throat competition that is in the market.

SBTP - 2013

I have asked them to go to some free sites in the web on psychometric tests and IQ/EQ/Aptitude Test/Attitude Test to build them up for the future global competition.  I also inspired them that they should work on their DREAMS little by little everyday.  A combination of Knowledge, attitude in how to solve problem and being responsible for each ones’ decision will make them a better leader in life and community and they will be a person who will be standing out in the crowd for HIS glory.  Please continue praying for the 274 so that God will use them, each one, to take this nation Bangladesh to higher level and make a mark in the world.

On September 6, 2013, I spoke to the youth at Excite Youth Center about Career and Life building skills.  More than 60 youth were present that day.  The best part was Question & Answer Session.  Everyone agreed that focused life style and sacrificing to achieve one’s dream could only take some one to where he or she would like to be.  And God in ones side things will be much more easier as God put the talent when we were being born from our mothers womb.  Let each one of us who are helping the youth to find their ways in life. let us share our life to inspire, ignite and motivate them to be someone for this nation.  The Youth are the leaders of this nation—-lets build them.  Pictures are at my Face Book page.

Lately I was stunned, while I was reading, where I found something very interesting, something very new, even for my life.  The question that kept me pondering upon since that moment is “Are you working for GOD or with GOD?” When I look around, from the elders – till the next generation, who are working and are willing to give their lives, including me, most of us are working for God or wanting to give up our lives for HIM.  May be it is time for all of us to think and may be upgrade ourselves, (who are working for God), so that we can be under HIS guidance and work with HIM, for HIS purpose to be fulfilled on this Earth.  I feel this question takes me one more step further,  “Am I a Christian or adheres to Christian principles in my life?”    

ON August 2013, by the grace of God and prayers of many of you, we could move with the girls to a new rented, better and safe place.  We pray that God helps us to stay here and facilitate this girls so that they can study and be a change-maker in their life first and then to the family and to the community.  May God sends HIS spirit on these girls HIS blessings.  Pictures are in Project menu.  Do continue to pray for this hostel and the girls so that many can have the basic of education and do something in their life.

“Faith, Technology and Tradition” -

NCCB Youth Seminar

On July 26, at St. Thomas Church, Mogbazar, NCCB Youth Group, organized a One Day Seminar with theme “Faith,

Technology &IMG_0079 Tradition.”  60 young men and women invested their time for this seminar.  I was given an opportunity to share my learning and experience on Technology part from the above three.  God helped us to understand how we can use instead of abuse the technology that is present in our time.  We had a very fruitful discussion and interaction among the participants and session speakers.  Rev. Folia and Dr. Tejash were present also.  God speed HIS spirit on this young people so that each one can be a change maker for Bangladesh.  Continue to pray for the youth of this nation.

“Not Everyone Can Be A Leader, But A Good Leadership Could Come From Anyone And Anywhere”  -

556986_10201521202813465_1617843648_nOn July 19, 2013 I had an opportunity to go and speak to Green University Bangladesh to their MBA students.  There were more than 50 students listen to my presentation and were inspired to bring change in their lives first to bring change to Bangladesh.  There were women students who were inspired to do something great for this nation.  They all agreed that to see changes in Bangladesh they need to develop themselves first.  Continue to pray for this group so that they could continue to keep the spirit burning in their hearts to see changes after 25 or 50 or in 100 years.

My father

 My father Mr. Milan Mazumder, who was an inspiration to me and always will be like many others, is with the Lord now.  I am a proud son who could spend another 13 years of my life with him with a very close association.  Over the last 13 years I could learn many things.  I am sharing here how he inspired me and a message what we are having for the memorial service for him on June 21, 2013 at Gethsemane Baptist Church, where he was the founder Treasurer.

This is what I have learnt through my experience in last 13 years in Bangladesh.  We had and are having plenty of leadership training  programs organized by many organizations. Many are trained on many leadership skills over and over again.  Still the productivity level is very low.  The reason is that, we are training our people with Leadership Quality or how a Leader should act and behave, but we missed the training on basic managerial skills..  We missed to ignite the principle of getting things done on a day to day basis.  This is prime for me now for the next couple of years.  I will change my ways of training people on Leadership. I will be preparing the youth and the leaders of organizations on basic skills and how to get things done on a daily basis.

When we are on our knees, many things happens.  God saved us from the cyclone.  The news of deaths are every where.  God help us to have your ways in our life.  Work with our hearts to understand your will for us and for the nation.

Abdul Hamid, our 20th president of Bangladesh.  God helped us to choose the right president for Bangladesh, who is wise, kind, merciful and visionary.  God bless Bangladesh.  

 My heart is always broken to see that there are very few professionals growing in Bangladesh who are strong in faith and sound in their professional learning.  Many faith based organizations in Bangladesh are in dire hunt of good skilled knowledgeable employees to witness professionally for HIM.  Please pray so that we the present generation could train more professionals and faithful workers for Bangladesh.  

May God’s grace wisdom and mercy be upon us. Can we have one Vision for Bangladesh, but Missions as per our talents!!  As God gives us could we also learn to become Giver instead of only Taker?  Please join in to develop your own generation and the next. “Let us all learn, share and learn to stoop to lift the least privileged ones in life.”

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